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I’ve been doing Leisa’s yoga classes weekly and am feeling so much stronger and more grounded for it. Leisa guides us through the flows skilfully and she motivates me to push myself a bit harder. My side planks started as very shaky and now they feel good - makes me empowered to take on new challenges. 


Each session is handcrafted with love and you can feel Leisa’s dedication to helping her students to be the best they can be. They have really helped me during a challenging time and I never miss them. 

- Louisa Veidelis

I've been attending Leisa's yoga classes for the past few months now and love her teaching style. She makes yoga accessible to everyone, by incorporating beginner and advanced flows. In addition, her presence is magnetic. I go to class stressed, but always leave filled with inner peace and calmness. Her energy is uplifting and positive, and I love the insights she shares throughout class. Thank you Leisa for being an incredible yoga teacher! 

- Jennifer Saminathan 


My husband and I started yoga this earlier in 2020, after talking about it for many years. We’d hesitated in the past due to travelling to classes. When we discovered online classes, we knew immediately that it was for us.


We signed up with Those Magnolia Eyes and were immediately impressed with Leisa’s calm, knowledgeable and caring manner.


Leisa has been a life changer to our lives. We’re both mid fifties, and are feeling much more flexible, strong and calm since commencing classes.


We particularly love that Leisa focuses on all areas of the body and we like the surprise element of not knowing what we’ll be learning at each class.


Leisa is a magnificent teacher and we can’t recommend her highly enough. Having the flexibility of doing yoga either in a class setting or by doing her in demand classes, has really suited us. It’s been a life changing experience for us.

- Jodie & Tony Wilson

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About Leisa

I can remember sitting down on my yoga mat for my yoga teacher training and almost in tears with excitement. The joy that yoga brings into my life is constantly expanding and changing me for the better. 

The quote that really helped me decide to leap into the fear of change was this....

"Go to the limits of your longing"

- Rainer Maria Rilke 

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